Features That Will Help Your Living Room Stand Out

Patrick D. Chappelle
2 min readFeb 26, 2021


While the main purpose of your living room is, as the name implies, to live and relax in, it can also become a statement within your home. Adding simple touches can elevate your living room for pictures or create an impact for guests. There are many ways you can add creative flair to make your living room stand out.


Decorating with mirrors can make your living room stand out in a variety of ways. Mirrors reflect light and create an illusion of depth. Both of which greatly impact your space. As you decorate with mirrors , be very thoughtful of placement. First of all, you should consider what your mirror will be reflecting. You want to make sure it will be something pleasing such as an art piece or even a lovely view. Hanging mirrors across from windows is a great way to increase the light within your space. It can also be fun to experiment with different sizes and styles of mirrors.

Area Rugs

Using area rugs in your living room can be very helpful for defining a space. You can use an area rug to designate a certain area of the room, but rugs can also have a major impact on the style of the room. You can use area rugs to add some variety by combining different sizes and styles. Rugs can also add cohesion and harmony to your room by creating a focal point and grounding the space. Aside from addressing the style of the room, area rugs can also work to highlight other elements of your living room. You can accentuate your furniture by placing an area rug underneath them .

Feature Walls

A feature wall, or accent wall as their often called, is a great way to highlight your living room and add a point of interest. It can also be quite inexpensive to add a feature wall to your space. The fun of an accent wall is that you have many options to consider. You can use paint, wallpaper, tile, wood, and more to highlight the wall. Just make sure you create a clear plan for your wall and do some research on how to best create an accent wall.

Your living room is often to the center of your home. You want it to be a pleasant and inviting place to be. The way you decorate can allow you to create a space that will stand out in-person and in photographs.

Originally published at https://www.kingdomzx.com on February 26, 2021.