Les Couleurs de L’opportunité

Patrick D. Chappelle
6 min readJan 10, 2019


Anna Serova, Kiki Barthelemy (activist, and former Miss Haiti), Arvo Katajisto, Aura Copeland

The reason I don’t draw or paint any more is a long story. But I was an artist from early childhood, and I was fortunate enough to have family friends, and community to help me achieve my goal of being a professional artist someday (which eventually happened when I was twenty years old). But there are children in various parts of the world, whose imaginations and opportunities are hampered by their environment. There is, however, one organization that is trying to change that.

The last time I spoke with Anna Serova, it was as representative of Avant Gallery out of Miami, Florida. Since then, she has gone on to working with Les Couleurs Charity, an organization founded by Aura Copeland. Through their CREATE Program, they work towards ensuring that children in places like Haiti and Mexico are able to express their creativity, by providing them with the tools necessary to make it happen.

You recently hosted the White & Rosé Gala event for Les Couleurs Charity, on 10, July. What was the purpose of this event?

The purpose of each Les Couleurs Charity event is to raise awareness and money to support the arts education CREATE Program for orphaned children in Mexico and Haiti. The Charity currently is covering 1000 children in Haiti and 300 in Mexico.

How many artists contributed works for the charity event?

More than 20 artists from the countries all over the World have contributed their works to the charity, some of them have actually attended the event.

Who were some of the artists who participated?

Bradley Theodore, the established contemporary artist who has generously donated a gorgeous painting that was specially prepared for the cause. His piece was highly desired throughout the auction.

Lina Condes, the Ukrainian artist and participant in the 57th International Art Exhibition — La Biennale di Venezia. Lina has not only donated a sculpture, but also has contributed by making a video speech about the impact of arts education to children’s lives, and how it’s important to what we’re doing.

Dimitri Likissas, who even shipped selected to the cause painting from Greece.

Miami artist Santlov, with his daughter Stella

Santlov has been contributing his work to every fundraising event of Les Couleurs Charity since March.

Vehement Art who not only donated a gorgeous striking piece, but came to support with his family and friends.

Parsa Afsharjavan, a 21 year old forward thinking art prodigy.

Greek street artist STMTS, who is best known for the politically and emotionally charged, large-scale drawings of children he wheat pastes on various public buildings throughout Athens.

Jeremy Penn, a New York based modern artist and a dear friend of mine.

WhIsBe, a New York based street artist who has just recently installed a 7 foot sculpture of his iconic yet Gummy Bear in the lobby of the 4 World Trade Center building.

BNS, a street artist from Buenos Aires, who is based in Miami now and represented by Avant Gallery.

Luca Valentini, an Italian artist that has donated a gorgeous painting that he specifically prepared for the Charity. Luca has also honored us with his presence at the event.

Tali Almog, an artist with an incredible soul and a spirit. She has contributed a beautiful and colorful abstract painting that is associated with happiness and a world of imagination and joy.

Alonzo Vega, a very talented young Peruvian artist.

DAIN, a street artist based in New York City.

Not to mention fashion and jewelry designers like Anthony Camargo, Miriam Couture, Luxury Interior Design Firm Sogol Décor, and a special collaboration with the ODDS concept store based in the Miami Design District.

Who were the sponsors of the event?

The event was sponsored by Delano South Beach, Avant Gallery, my modeling agency in Miami Front Management, the invariable beverage sponsor Russian Standard, Beauty Water and Atma Spa.

The Delano Hotel, South Beach

What was the environment like? Food? Music? Dancing?

It was by the pool at the Delano South Beach hotel with light music, and cocktails. The main part of the event consisted of speeches by the guests of honor. We had an opera performance, and the final part that sparkled it up was the swim runway show at the pool, organized by a local swimwear designer Cioccolato Couture. We followed up with the usual lottery of raffle tickets.

The silent art auction was available throughout the night.

Sogol Afsharjavan (interior designer and owner of Sogol Décor), Aura Copeland, Miriam Desjardins (owner of Miriam Couture)

Tell me about Les Couleurs Charity. Who are the founders, and what is the mission of the organization?

Les Couleurs Charity is an organization founded in 2014 by former model and footwear designer Aura Copeland. We are a community that believes that education is the greatest gift we can give to children, and that one’s past does not have to define the future.

The three main goals of Les Couleurs Charity are to inspire, educate, and empower children who come from underprivileged socio-economic backgrounds and have very few educational opportunities to thrive. With our CREATE Program, we give them the tools to unleash their wonderful creative energy, and to make them feel empowered and appreciated, and teach them skills that could potentially create artistic opportunities or careers for them.

Haitian children thanking Lina Condes

The last time we spoke, it was regrading your position as consultant at Avant Gallery. When did you begin working with Les Couleurs Charity?

This is the second event that I helped them to organize. I collaborated with the Charity for the first time two months prior to this event in Miami. We had a Spring Ball Gala in New York City on the 3rd of March at the Domenico Vacca Club on the 15th and 55th Street, where Aura offered me the opportunity to become a host committee. I agreed and curated a very first silent art auction.

I’m enjoying working with the team and am intending to be a part of Les Couleurs Charity in the future. We’re planning to expand in other countries by helping more kids to be able to express themselves through our arts program CREATE, and are open to collaborating with more artists from all over the world. By increasing exposure and involving more people in the charity, and by raising awareness, we’re getting closer to the main goal to make this world a better place, filled with happy drawings, joy and happy colorful lives.

Should you be interested in contributing to the work of Les Couleurs Charity, visit their website for more info. You may also follow them at Instagram and Facebook for updates.

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